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April 05 2014


Gmail: Now That You Have It, How Can You Secure It?

Now that you have a G Mail account, keeping it secure is your new priority. A couple of easy e-mail security steps can prevent strangers from overtaking your identity as well as your account.

1) Your Computer

a. Check for viruses and malicious software. Run a full system scan in your antivirus application of choice and eliminate any dubious applications.
b. Empower automatic updates for the operating system and ensure you have the latest updates installed for your Windows or Macintosh OS computer.
c. Perform routine updates for the software you use usually -- Adobe Flash and Acrobat Reader are typical objectives for hackers.

2) Your Browser

a) Keep everything upgraded! In Firefox, click the help menu to test for updates. In Ie, choose Windows Update beneath the tools menu.

b) be aware of add-ins that access your Google account information and keep them upgraded. If Your add-in, for instance, is set to automatically assess your Google in-box, the creators of this plug-in potentially have access to your own username and password.

3) Your Google Account

a. Alter your password should you suspect your account might be endangered. Work with a mixture of letters and numbers and prevent commonly used words.

b. Go to Google.com/accounts and choose Regaining Your Password to set up recovery choices. You may regain access to your own account via SMS, an alternate email address, or a security question in the event of a merchant account compromise or you forgetting your password.

c. Check which websites can get access to your own Google account. Some sites can be set up to interact with your e-mail account. Especially if someone else has gained access to your e-mail, verify to see which sites can view your data. They could be seen by clicking in the "Authorizing applications & websites" link in your Google accounts homepage. Click "Revoke Access" to avoid any unknown websites from accessing your information.

4) G Mail Settings

a. Login with a secure connection. Choose choose 'Consistently use HTTPS.' in your G Mail settings.

b. The "details" link near the "Last Account Activity" entry enables you to see when your account was accessed, and offers the IP address of the computers your mail has been seen from.

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